Experience: Travelling around Venezia

On the very first day of March, I travelled to Italy to visit Venice, one of the areas you will  find on all ‘bucket list’ websites. Renowned for its rugged beauty and outstanding canals, it would be an under exaggeration to say I was fairly excited!

Travelling is one of those things that brings out my inner wanderlust, but at the same time absolutely terrifies me. If it were up to me, I’d love to arrive at my destination in the click of a finger rather than proceeding through cabin control and trying to find my way to boarding in a busy airport. Despite the stress of packing all of my belongings into a hand luggage sized suitcase, including far too many liquids to fit into a resealable plastic bag, the airport system was much less stressful than I had anticipated. I suppose it’s easy to think the worst of things when you’re visiting an unknown country. Surprisingly, I was not stopped and checked at cabin control, I arrived at boarding on time and I remembered my passport and boarding pass! I was on my way.

The flight was short and sweet, which is good as my impatience and lack of ability to keep myself occupied whilst on a cramped easy jet flight proved to be a difficulty. I did manage to get a few pictures of the aeroplane window since I sat closest to it, which is always beneficial if I need an update for my Instagram. Eventually arriving to the hotel, settling in and unpacking my bag, it was time for a late dinner. Of course, I had to make the most of the Italian cuisine and go for pizza, in a purely Italian speaking restaurant. May I add, I now know that ‘grazie’ is thank you, ‘per favour’ is please, but more importantly wine is ‘vino’.

It’s safe to say, going for pizza and pasta became a routine and my diet for the week consisted of it! I did have an additional gelato from time to time to add to my cheat week. I’m in Italy, I’m allowed to eat unhealthily… right?

I’d heard a number of things about Venice prior to arrival. There’s an excessive amount of pickpockets for one, which really wouldn’t surprise me as the alleyways were extremely narrow and even in the mild weather it was very busy! I suppose my overly skeptical thoughts came in useful for once, as I was very protective and aware of my belongings at all times. Another pessimistic idea of Venice that was placed into my head before I’d even arrived in Italy was the supposedly disgusting smell whenever you were near the canal. I have to admit, I noticed a poor smell once or twice, but for the entire week we walked over every bridge and down every alley way I can think of, and the rumoured pungent scent remained unnoticed by me. Ok, not every bridge as there are over 400, however it certainly felt that way as the soles of my feet were very sore!

As for the beauty of Venice, it was breathtaking. The buildings weren’t modern, some areas were rough and others were particularly touristic, however the attraction came from the natural environment that you could sense no matter where in Venice you walked. We experienced a majority of clear skies, we visited multiple museums which were the homes of exquisite art pieces, and the overall feel for Venice was wonderful. I’m pleased to have experienced exploring such a lovely place and hope to return one day.

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