Is the Arctic Monkeys UK tour overpriced?

Arctic Monkeys touring has to be one of the most talked music comebacks for some time now, arguably more so than Ed Sheeran’s return in January 2017. After going off the scene for a while, their return has taken the world by storm, from them headlining at both European and international music festivals this Summer, to releasing UK tour dates today. Alongside many other fans, I am more than excited for the release of their new album in May.

Looking in to European Music Festivals to attend in Summer is something that has preoccupied me recently. NOS Alive in Lisbon, Portugal and Mad Cool in Madrid, Spain took my fancy in particular, largely due to the incredible lineups for a reasonable price, but the promise of sun topped them off as great choices, which is something TRNSMT in Scotland doesn’t guarantee.

Nevertheless, despite my interest in going to a European Festival this year, my Summer is working out to be busy with holidays, road-trips, local festivals and working regularly (to ensure I don’t spend all of my money before I become overwhelmed with debts before university has even started)! As a result of all of these plans, going to a festival abroad looks unrealistic, and although the festivals themselves are reasonably priced, the flights are becoming more extortionate every minute.

After the release of dates for their UK Tour today, I was excited by the possibility that I could watch them after all, however I was soon brought to the realisation that Arctic Monkeys’ recently announced tour may be overpriced for what it is.

TRNSMT 1 day festival tickets on Sunday 1st July, where Arctic Monkeys are headlining, were sold at £59.50 a ticket. Now, take in to consideration that although their set may be shorter, as festival sets generally are, you’re paying that price to watch a number of different acts, including the talented rock band Blossoms and male artist Tom Grennan.

Now, look at prices for Arctic Monkeys playing at Manchester Arena on their UK Tour. Tickets start from £39.50, which is not bad at all, but if you’re anything like me and appreciate the experience of standing at a gig or sitting in seats where you can actually see the band on stage, tickets are totalled at £69.50. At £10 more than TRNSMT festival tickets, you can watch 6 less bands and might not even have the opportunity to stand, which in my opinion is the best part of going to see live music.

As someone who enjoys watching undiscovered, local bands at small, intimate venues, maybe I’m not one to speak for the experience of going to large venues to watch live music, but I have to say I was quite surprised when I found out about the high prices for their UK Tour, considering the reasonable prices for the festivals they’re playing at in 2018.

That being said, I’m no less excited for Arctic Monkeys being back. A talented band like them deserve all of the attention they’ve had over the past few months, and I hope they continue to produce brilliant music for years to come.

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  1. This seems to be the trend when bands make a ‘comeback’. Take the steps tour a couple of years ago, they were the band we were all obsessed with when we were so much younger. When they did the comeback tour I’m not sure I knew anyone my age that could actually afford to see them because the tickets were so overpriced! It’s sad really!

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    1. Megan Price says:

      It really does! It’s a shame that once talented bands become well-known they aim more to earn excessive amounts from their tours rather than play live music because they genuinely enjoy it. I still think Arctic Monkeys are very talented and obviously want the money after going quiet for a while, but £70 is a crazy amount to pay for a gig that will only last a few hours.

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  2. Gigs in general are about that price nowadays. I remember when I was s girl … my first Oasis concert in 1997 was £20. Today I have bought an Artic Monkey tote bag for £10 in Sheffield’s pop up shops. They get away with it because we are crazy enough to keep paying!

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    1. Megan Price says:

      Yeah massive shame for younger fans because it just becomes unaffordable! Absolutely love these bands, and respect their success so so much, just a shame that not everyone can enjoy them, which is why I love watching talented, less well known locals perform!!

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