Opinion: The week when class turns to objectification

Picture this.

You’re at the Gold Cup. You’ve saved up all year for this only to gamble and probably lose all of your earnings.

You’ve travelled to Cheltenham especially to get all dressed up and flaunt your £20 and £50 notes around as if they’re nothing. You try and speak in a high-class accent and come up with an entire backstory to your desirable life. You know deep-down that your pretence will later change back to your natural cockney slang, slightly slurred from the amount of Guinness you’ve consumed.

Is this really what Cheltenham is all about?

I understand the charm of creating a persona you don’t usually have, it’s just a bit of fun, but as the alcohol builds up so does the disrespect.

Imagine again you’re at the races; the bar staff get annoyed as you stumble up to the bar, shouting that they pour drinks for you faster. You’re blind to the work they’re putting in, covered in beer and with sweat pouring down their faces.

This is not just a bit of fun.

The appeal of dressing in fancy wear and drinking champagne all evening might be laughable to begin with but it hides the audacious comments and actions that take place beneath the illusion of class.

What we should really be worried about is the predator-prey behaviour that not only entirely changes the charming and safe feeling that Cheltenham usually has but more importantly goes against all modern-day pushes for equality.

People throw punches as they lose their balance and fall in to the street, causing an obstruction to the cars trying to get through town. Violence builds and derogatory comments are made.

All clubs become strip clubs with queues of people wolf whistling and shouting sexual innuendos. The male-female ratio is overpowering, men prowl around and grab women by the face or body, catching them by surprise.

Nobody says anything.

Hardly appealing, is it?

It’s a week where objectification becomes ok and all feminism movements get, let’s say, ‘hit by a horse.’

Ironic, right?

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