REVIEW: Harry Redknapp speaking at Media Festival

Walking in to an already half-packed room filled with an excited crowd, the blue lit-up stage was ready in anticipation for Harry Redknapp’s casual entrance. Grabbing a seat fairly central to the stage, I heard muttering from the groups beside me about Harry’s time in the jungle: “Do you think he’ll talk about jam roly-poly’s,” I heard a girl say as she giggled, soon halting to a silence along with the rest of the audience. On that silence came Harry, strolling in as if it were an atmosphere he knew so well, slouching comfortably with his arms spread out on the seat as soon as he perched on it.

Before coming along to the talk, I was unsure what to expect. Listening to a live interview with an incredibly well-known football manager and contestant of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, I expected him to come across somewhat superior but that was in no way the case with Harry Redknapp.

“Life is about confidence, innit.” He is a man who certainly has that. Leaning so far back that he was close to falling off, he chatted to the student interviewers telling anecdotal jokes in every answer. There is no doubt that his confidence comes with his genuine portrayal of who he is, no matter how much of a spotlight he is in.

Sharing his undeniable love for his wife Sandra, he left the audience in awe when he said: “You never know when the love of your life is going to walk in to your life.” Hearing a grown man speak of his love life with such honesty added to the respect from the entirety of the room, all listening eagerly for his next tale.

It didn’t take long however for the audience to emerge back in to laughter and clapping. The down-to-earth celebrity was soon cracking jokes again; he leant forward with his hand on his chin and a turned-up smile to tell the interviewers: “You four, I’ve never been interviewed so good in all my life.” It was almost hard to believe he was a famous figure when he spoke more like a conversational uncle, sharing funny stories of his experiences and giving passionate advice based on his life.

What can be taken from the interview? Not only was he a likeable speaker, his tips for people to not be afraid to ask questions, to “get to know people” and “let them get to trust you” is advice that should be taken away by anyone. Not only did he make people laugh and cry, his answers were motivational and heartfelt and I’m sure everyone came away feeling both entertained and inspired.

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