Two-way interview: Abortion bans

This is a two piece interview about the abortion ban laws being introduced in the US and how it affects people internationally.

Podcast: Moving to uni

This is a 1 minute podcast talking about moving to uni and the mental health of students.

Podcast practice: Beebombs

This is a podcast about the environment and beebombs. There are no sound overlays as it was used to practice speaking in a more casual style to news bulletins, in preparation for my assignment at the end of May.

Video interview: St Paul’s litter pick

Interview of Meg Stone, Community leader of Plastic Free Cheltenham, and other volunteers, at the first litter pick that they’ve organised. Following the main interview, there is a short snippet that would be used on social media to encourage people to click and view the main video.

Vlog: People’s Vote March

Alicja and I attended the Brexit march in London, which was the first ever protest for both of us. We filmed part of the experience and here’s a fun little video I put together with some of the snippets we took.