About Me

I am a freelance writer and journalist, specialising in lifestyle and culture. Currently training to be an NCTJ qualified journalist with the University of Gloucestershire, I’m seeking graduate opportunities and I’m available for commissions in copywriting for brands, writing for publications and shift work.

I’m well-practiced in producing high quality written content which can be modelled to different styles and tone of voice. I specialise in features and creative pieces and I’m trained in producing copy, feature articles, press releases, news articles and scripts for broadcast. I’m passionate about writing and telling a story through the power of words, and would love to continue this passion by working alongside others.

If you’re interested in working with me, or finding out more about the work I have produced in the past, the following list includes all of my journalistic and marketing work experience to date:

Empoword Journalism Project – The Covid Diaries (March 2020 – Present)
Contributor for Empoword Journalism – a website producing journalistic written and broadcast content over the lockdown period to document the monumental time in history.

University of Gloucestershire Rowing Committee (June 2019 – Present)
Marketing Secretary – Maintaining social media, websites and media contacts for the club

News Day Coverage (September 2019 – Present)
Taking on various different roles of the newsroom and producing stories for the Park Life website
2nd year in-class writing: 

Election Day Coverage (12/12/19)
#BJTCVOTE2019 project –  Words for Student Newspaper UniVersal, live news bulletin and discussion on Tone Radio 

Media Festival Committee (05/11/19 – 06/11/19)
Social Media Committee – Running Twitter account updates in the lead-up to the festival and managing group of committee for Vox pops and social media during the events

Pirate FM (2017)
2 days of broadcast experience – Vox pops, using the radio studio for practice news bulletins, editing audio from interviews, shadowing staff on Budget Day

Children’s Hospice South West (2015)
Media/marketing experience for 1 week and volunteer work at fundraising events post-work experience – Writing press releases, using tweet deck, shadowing staff in various roles in the workplace